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2,000 Striking Auto Mechanics Say Their Whole Industry Needs Realignment

The cost of car repairs might make your heart sink, but Chicago-area mechanics say they don’t get a fair deal from dealerships, either. On August 1, the nearly 2,000 members of Auto Mechanics Union Local 701 voted overwhelmingly to strike after rejecting a contract at the end of July. If the strike doesn’t produce the contract the union wants, many young mechanics could be facing tough decisions about their future.
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This Rookie Chicago Politician Is Ready to Resist Donald Trump’s Deportation Fervor

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a press conference Wednesday to assure anxious residents that Chicago would remain a “sanctuary city”—meaning local law enforcement won’t help federal agents with President Donald Trump’s plan to deport millions of immigrants, a plan that just got a lot more real. “What we really need,” the alderman told local reporters “is less symbolism and more action.”.
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Will Forcing High School Kids to Make a Post-Graduation Plan Actually Help Them?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got a lot of attention two weeks ago when he announced a new graduation requirement for high school seniors: They would have to have a plan. Starting with the class of 2020, Chicago Public School students will be required to show proof of their next step after graduation—such as a college acceptance letter or a job offer.
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D.C. man slain in Congress Heights found respect fostering peace

Fontessa West walked to the front of the packed community center in Ward 8, quieting the room filled with dozens of mourners. She was there to share a few words about her son, Wesley West, who was fatally shot early last Saturday. “Someone killed my baby right where he came from,” she said. “He knows everybody, and everybody knows him.”.
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What is being Black at the University?

When the #BBUM campaign garnered national attention in November, University administrators and students alike were caught off-guard by the raw emotion captured in 140 characters. And despite thousands of tweets, there isn’t one single answer to the question ‘what is being Black at the University of Michigan?’.
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A Northeast D.C. dance class for kids includes lessons in the art, and for life

Almost immediately after taking up dancing as a little girl, Amanee Blake knew she wanted to open a studio of her own. She would tell her mom, her friends — she even wrote it in her diary at age 7. Now, almost two decades later, she has done just that. But the dance studio is about more than a business.
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Police chiefs from around the country meet in D.C. to discuss violent summer

Law enforcement officials from the Washington area and across the country said Monday that there has been a recent increase in shootings in several major cities but that they haven’t pinpointed what’s causing the spike in violence. Officials from several cities, including the District, St. Louis, Chicago and Baltimore, met at the Newseum in the District to discuss the trend and possible solutions to the violence.
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Governor's Flint committee talks water safety evaluations

Governor Snyder's committee on the Flint water crisis met again Friday, primarily discussing the best evaluation tools for assessing the city's water safety. Comprised of notables like Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, along with high-ranking officials from agencies like the MDEQ and Health and Human Services, the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee is tasked with developing long-term solutions to the water crisis.

From Nixon to Trump, the Long, Shady Career of Roger Stone

He’s a trailblazer of political mudslinging, a Nixon fanatic, and gleeful spewer of alternative facts. For nearly half a century, Roger Stone has been deploying unconventional political warfare, most recently as an adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Stone’s motto, “admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack,” perfectly describes Trump’s behavior during the race and now, his presidency.
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Victors for Michigan moves closer to ambitious fundraising goal

In November 2013, the University launched the latest in a series of major fundraising campaigns. This initiative, called Victors for Michigan, set the largest goal of any fundraising campaign launched by a public institution of higher education: $4 billion. The University has already brought in more than half of its goal, with about $2.7 billion already raised since the campaign started.
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$$$ / Politics / News A bank set up on public land in Grant Park—what's next?

How much is a piece of Grant Park worth? The question looms after officials turned over a slice of the park to a private company for $120,000. The Park District didn't conduct a bidding or evaluation process to determine if that's a fair price for allowing PNC bank to open a temporary branch on the south end of Grant Park earlier this summer.
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Ann Arbor teachers share displeasure with evaluation system at school board meeting

A group of Ann Arbor teachers held a press conference before Wednesday's school board meeting to express their concern with the district's new teacher evaluations. Folks frustrated with the new policy also made their complaints heard during the public comment portion of the meeting. Linda Carter, president of the Ann Arbor Education Association, said many are unhappy with the implementation of the full Danielson Framework, a research-based evaluation method that Ann Arbor schools have used, in part, for several years.


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